Step 1: Determine Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following criteria to apply for the ENOUGH Grant Program.​​​​​

1. Check the map to see if the community you serve is eligible

An eligible community must meet both of the following eligibility criteria:
  1. ​Include at least one U.S. Census tract where more than 30% of children are living in poverty and
  2. Be served by a Maryland communit​y school​ with a concentration of poverty level of at least 80%.
Check the ENOUGH Initiative Community Eligibility Map to see if you’re serving one of the eligible communities. You can also download an Excel version of the eligibility data here: ENOUGH Census Tract List.xlsx

2. Check that you have a Community Quarterback

A. The Community Quarterback (Lead Applicant) may be any of the following:
  • Community-based organization;
  • Non-profit organization;
  • Local government organization;
  • Local Management Board; or
  • Community Action Agency​
B. The Community Quarterback organization should have deep relationships in the focus community and the capacity to drive implementation across multiple partners.

C. The Community Quarterback organization is presumed to be responsible for compliance, reporting, and financial stewardship of the grant award, but a separate Fiscal Sponsor organization is permitted.

3. Check which of the grant tracks is right for you

The ENOUGH Grant Program includes (3) three progressive tracks that communities have the opportunity to complete over multiple grant cycles as they build capacity and meet milestones through Track 1: Partnership Development, Track 2: Plan Development​, and Track 3: Implementation​​.

Use the ENOUGH Track Selector to evaluate the best track for your initial application.​