Maryland Children’s Cabinet

​​Chaired by the Special Secretary of the Governor's Office for Children, Maryland's Children's Cabinet is charged with coordinating cross-agency strategies to support children and families and reduce the number of children living in poverty. By working together, agencies will increase access to and improve education, health, social services, workforce, housing, and community development while ensuring that systems are child centered and family focused, based on community strengths and needs. 

The Children's Cabinet works closely with Local Management Boards, which use the Results-Based Accountability framework to identify, evaluate, and develop the programs and strategies needed to address local community needs and provide resources for children and families in their jurisdiction. Local Management Boards bring together local child-serving agencies, child providers, youth, families, and communities to make decisions about priorities and how resources are deployed to address local needs.

In fiscal year 2024, the Maryland's Children's Cabinet provided more than $22 million from the Children's Cabinet Interagency Fund to Local Management Boards supporting 136 community-based programs focused on improving outcomes for Maryland's children and their families.

Children's Cabinet Membership

Carmel Martin, Special Secretary
Governor's Office for Children (GOC)​

Helene Grady, Secretary
Department of Budget and Management (DBM) 

Carol A. Beatty, Secretary
Department of Disabilities (MDOD)

Laura Herrera Scott, MD, MPH, Secretary
Department of Health (MDH) 

Rafael López, Secretary
Department of Human Services (DHS) 

Vincent Schiraldi, Secretary
Department of Juvenile Services (DJS)

Carey M. Wright, Ed.D., State Superintendent of Schools
Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) 

Sanjay Rai, Ph.D. , Secretary
Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

Portia Wu, Secretary
Department of Labor (MDL) 

Jacob Day, Secretary
Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) 

Paul Monteiro Jr. , Secretary
Department of Service and Civic Innovation (DSCI) 

Katie Savage, Secretary
Department of Information Technology (DoIT)