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MYAC Members

Maryland Youth Advisory Council 2016-2017

Darius Craig, Chair
Baltimore City
University of Maryland – College Park
I decided to join the council to serve as a microphone for the millions of Maryland youth who are impacted by statewide legislation, local policy, and school board decisions. It’s vital that the youth voice is properly taken into account when policy is debated/enacted. For my entire teenage life, I’ve been an advocate for the youth, and I do not plan on quitting it!


Zachary Caplan, Vice Chair
Baltimore County
Towson High School
I joined the Maryland Youth Advisory Council because I wanted to make a change in my community and show my peers that youth can have a voice in government. Being a part of the council has given me the incredible opportunity to work together with young people across the state, all who have very different political values, and work together to promote the well being and success of Maryland’s youth.

Ashley Russell, Secretary
Howard County
Glenelg High School


Antonio Morrell, Chair, Legislative Committee
Prince George’s County
Prince George’s Community College


Kirsten Wach, Chair, Public Awareness Committee
Howard County
Towson University


Yael Anaya
Montgomery County
Prince George’s Community College


William Anderson
Frederick County
Walkersville High School
I first heard of MYAC through the Maryland Association of Student Councils, an organization I am heavily involved in as Treasurer and my appointing body. I am passionate about the student voice and am very interested in public policy, which is what made MYAC stand out to me as a good way to get involved and make a difference for my peers.


Kimberly Carter
Anne Arundel County
Our Lady of Good Counsel


Jonathan Dayton
Allegany County
Frostburg State University
I wanted to join Maryland Youth Advisory Council, to give students across this great state youth representation in Maryland Legislature. I also wanted to affect the sort of change that makes Maryland a better place to live. The opportunities given to me by being appointed to the Council have far exceeded my expectations. I’ve met lifelong friends from across the state that I’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Emily Dreszer
Anne Arundel County
Anne Arundel Community College
I wanted to join the Maryland Youth Advisory Council to help relieve issues affecting those in my community, specifically the opioid crisis. As a member of the council, I enjoy gaining the diverse input of the group. It is so great that the community and the state’s youth have a voice and those seeking their best interest through the Council and the Governor’s Office of Children.


Emma Gilligan
St. Mary’s County
Leonardtown High School
I love that the Maryland Youth Advisory Council provides support and voice to youth in a manner that allows youth to initiate and design efforts to effectively address the issues they find most pressing.



Madeline Goldstein
Washington County
Boonsboro High School
I am excited to meet kids and legislators from around the state, learn about different communities and how we can come together as a council to discuss problems facing Maryland youth, and identify possible ways to help fix those problems!


Tyler Hagen
Baltimore County
McDaniel College


Patricia Miller
Wicomico County
Salisbury University
My favorite thing about being a council member for MYAC is being able to work alongside other young people to fight political apathy. I also enjoy being a voice for my home county.


Connor Mull
Wicomico County
James M. Bennett High School
I wanted a good experience and to help train me for other moments like this in life, prepare me for college, and help me get into the Naval Academy.



Vernon Osborne
Anne Arundel County
Anne Arundel Community College
I wanted to join the Youth Advisory Council to get more knowledge of what I could possibly do to help everyone in the community/county. I wanted to know what Legislative Bills affect me now and what Bills will have an effect on me later in the future. Also, I joined to network with more influential people that are in my county who can help make a difference. I want to help make a difference as a youth now to shape the next generation.


Viraj Paul
Montgomery County
Poolesville High School
I enjoy being a member of MYAC because it gives me an opportunity to showcase my community’s youth issues and bring those issues to the limelight to enact change.



Ryan Pickrel
Carroll County
Century High School
I joined Maryland Youth Advisory Council because I wanted to advocate for relevant issues facing Maryland youth.



Gabrielle Shlikas
Harford County
Edgewood High School
I wanted to join the Maryland Youth Advisory Council because I believe that the voice of youth matters in creating change. Young people are the most versatile, imaginative, and passionate people I know, and I saw the Council as an opportunity to take this point of view to the people that create our laws.  The perspective of youth today is uniquely distinct from the voices of our parents and grandparents, and any opportunity to let that voice be heard is an opportunity I am willing to take. I am very proud to be a member of the Maryland Youth Advisory Council.


Joseph Vogel
Montgomery County
George Washington University


Sloane Walker
Anne Arundel County
Severn School
I joined the Maryland Youth Advisory Council to be a voice for my community and to work towards creating a healthier and happier environment in Maryland.



Sydney Williams
Anne Arundel County
Indian Creek Upper School
I joined MYAC because this was an excellent opportunity to affect change that will impact youth similar to me and create a better future for both them and myself.



Grace Wu
Montgomery County
Richard Montgomery High School
I wanted to join the Council because the student voice is a powerful tool for change.