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Results Scorecard – Worcester County

Worcester County Initiative to Preserve Families

Worcester CountyWorcester County’s Initiative to Preserve Families is responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring and in some cases funding a comprehensive network of services and resources for children, youth and families. The Initiative¬†does not provide traditional “direct services” to individual clients but instead works with citizens, public agencies, private organizations, and community groups as a catalyst to bring together existing resources and services in innovative ways. By building and supporting partnerships among public and private service providers new and necessary resources can also be developed.

Initiative efforts emphasize prevention, early intervention and community-based services which promote safe, stable and healthy environments for children and their families. The central task of the Board of Directors, who are appointed by the Worcester County Commissioners, is to assist in planning and coordinating county-wide efforts which build and enhance services for our youth in a fiscally responsible manner. The challenge is to call on existing resources and to support the development of new ones without overlaps or gaps in services.

All programs operated in FY20 unless otherwise noted.

Worcester County Results for Child Well-Being

Prioritized Results and Programs

Families are Safe and Economically Stable

Communities are Safe for Children, Youth, and Families

Children are Successful in School

Youth Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness

Youth Will Complete School

Local Care Team Administration