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Transferred Functions

During his inaugural speech Governor Hogan declared, “our Administration will chart a new course; one guided by simple, common sense principles. Our focus will be on jobs, struggling Maryland families, and restoring our economy.” The Governor challenged his Administration and partners to recognize and support the aspirations of all families by addressing the myriad barriers they face in reaching their dreams.

A re-imagined Governor’s Office for Children requires adapting both the way the Office conducts its work and relates to its partners. In order to most-effectively advance Governor Hogan’s vision, the Governor’s Office for Children has restructured to provide research, analysis, and policy recommendations in support of the Governor’s Strategic Goals. In doing so, the Governor’s Office for Children has made changes to the administration of a few select programs, ensuring a continuity of services and creating efficiencies for Maryland’s children and families while better positioning the Office to serve its core function of supporting the Administration’s policy initiatives.

Please see below for additional information on each of the Governor’s Office for Children’s transferred functions: