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Main Line 410.697.9235

Jaclin Warner Wiggins, Acting Executive Director
Kim Malat, Deputy Director, 410.697.9245
Candy Edwards-Roach, Chief of Policy, 410.697.9243
Jaclin Warner Wiggins, Chief of Finance and Operations, 410.697.9253
Adam Dubitsky, Director of Policy, Governor’s Coordinating Offices, 410.697.9257
Heather Epkins, Communications Director, Governor’s Coordinating Offices

Natalie DeVries, Executive Assistant/Office Manager, 410.697.9386
Christina Drushel Williams, Policy Analyst (Youth Engagement/Homelessness), 410.697.9242
Christopher Miele, Policy Analyst (Local Management Board Technical Assistance), 410.350.5579
Tracey Webb, Policy Analyst (Local Management Board Technical Assistance), 410.697.9252
Lauren Molineaux, Policy Analyst (2Gen Strategies, Youth Homelessness, Racial Equity), 410.697.9241
VACANT, Policy Analyst (Disconnected Youth)
VACANT, Policy Analyst (Legislative Liaison/Special Projects Coordinator)
VACANT, Policy Analyst (Local Management Board Monitoring)

Should you wish to request a public record, document or other information in accordance with the Public Information Act (PIA), please contact Kim Malat, Deputy Director, at