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State Children Youth and Family Information System

On July 31, 2015, the State Children, Youth, and Family Information System (System) was permanently shut down. The System was built using a proprietary application that made upgrades and improvements very difficult. Residential childcare providers and agency staff who used the System shared with us that it was difficult to navigate and didn’t meet their needs. Throughout the years many of the System’s users took the time to provide feedback and participate in meetings with the intent of helping to make improvements to the System. The Governor’s Office for Children appreciates the participation of the providers and agency partners who worked with us to try and find an effective solution that would allow us all to speak clearly about the well-being of the children entrusted to our care.

After much discussion, it was determined that the System is not the right tool to get that job done. While State programs and initiatives have changed with the times, the State Children, Youth, and Family Information System was unable to keep pace with those changes.

The State agencies remain committed to outcomes evaluation and the ability to monitor the care, supervision, education, and treatment of children and youth in placement. Though the System has been turned off as a data collecting tool, it is important to note that the contract and licensing requirements for residential childcare programs still apply. The licensing and contracting agencies will continue to work with all residential childcare programs that entered data into the System to ensure that the shutdown does not disrupt their ability to meet licensing and contracting mandates and responsibilities.

Licensed residential childcare programs who have questions about their licensing and contract requirements should contact their licensing and contracting agency. Please see below for a list of agency contacts:

  • Maryland State Department of Education
    Sheila Philip, Section Chief, Interagency Initiatives & Rates/IRC Chair
  • Department of Health
    • Office of Healthcare Quality
      Xiaoli Wen, Administrator/Supervisor
      Children’s and Mortality Unit, DD Unit