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Local Management Boards Announce School Climate Grant Projects

The Governor’s Office for Children has awarded a $10,000 School Climate Grant to each Local Management Board to support community capacity-building by supporting existing school climate activities in the jurisdictions. Funding is available to support one-time expenditures (or ongoing expenditures if a clear description of the source and sustainability of funding that will be used to continue the project/program is provided).

Below is a listing of the proposals, by jurisdiction, that have been approved by the Governor’s Office for Children for implementation.  For more detail on a project(s), please contact the applicable Local Management Board. Contact information may be accessed on the Local Management Board directory.


School Climate Grant Projects

The Local Management Board of Allegany County

Project Summary Amount
The Bully Busters Seminars The Bully Busters seminars will be open to 750 children between the ages of 6-12 and will instill participating children with the set of skills necessary to resolve conflicts before they begin.  It will also teach participants “12 ways to walk away with confidence”. $10,000


Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families

Project Summary Amount
Updating School Counseling Curriculum The Anne Arundel County Public Schools System school counseling curriculum is currently being updated to include more emphasis on assertiveness and refusal skills in order to reduce violence and prevent/mediate bullying. This grant will allow for the purchasing of “I Can Cope” and “All About Bullying” materials for elementary and middle school students. $10,000


Family League of Baltimore City

Project Summary Amount
Agents of Change: Empowering Youth to Improve Climate This initiative will begin with a youth summit, where up to 10 students from each of the 45 Community Schools in Baltimore City will come together to learn about school climate, growth mindset, and leadership skills.  Students will then work with school principals and administrators to develop school-specific plans to improve school climate. $10,000


Baltimore County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training Program/McGrath Training Systems Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) proposes to work with McGrath Training Systems to provide a comprehensive bullying prevention and intervention training program, in a train the trainer format, for 6-8 BCPS administrators.  These administrators, in turn, would provide training for appropriate staff across the system.  The comprehensive training would involve bullying awareness, intervention, and investigation, among other topics. $10,000


Calvert County Family Network

Project Summary Amount
Olweus Bullying Prevention In collaboration with Calvert County Public Schools, two schools will receive Olweus bullying prevention training.  Funding for this project will go towards the training itself, as well as training materials and a student questionnaire, which will allow for the collection of baseline data from students. $7,500
Make the Difference Anti-Bullying Summit The Make the Difference Anti-Bullying Summit is a one day event for students from grades 4-11 on the Campus of the College of Southern Maryland.  Students will have the opportunity to network with students from other schools and will be asked to reflect on their experiences and present a list of anti-bullying recommendations to their school administrations. $2,500


Caroline Human Services Council, Inc.

Project Summary Amount
School Climate Improvement Initiative Funding from this grant will be used to expand Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to the Caroline Career and Technology Center and allow the nine schools already operating PBIS to host a series of events throughout the school year. $10,000


Carroll County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Multicultural Middle School Youth Empowerment Conference This conference will include roughly 300 middle school students, allowing for a key note speaker and workshop by The Upside Down Organization.  The conference will feature three tracks (Esteem/Building Friendships, Communication/Social Media, and Conflict/Mediation) and feature a call to action for participating students and schools. $10,000


Cecil County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Second Steps The Cecil County Local Management Board and Cecil County Public Schools will be purchasing Second Step curriculum kits for students in grades K-5. These kits will be used to supplement the work already going on in many schools and will be utilized by children for years to come. $10,000


Dorchester Community Partnership for Children and Families

Project Summary Amount
Too Bright to Fight Dorchester County Public Schools will implement the Second Step Bullying Prevention Program in all seven elementary schools and two secondary schools. it will be used as a prevention program with all students and an intervention program for those students found to be involved in bullying. $10,000


Frederick County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Stand Together: A Student Powered Event

This will be a follow-up to a Rachel’s Challenge event held in October 2014 and will include approximately 150 middle and high school students.  Middle school students will convene in small groups to discuss their experiences with Rachel’s Challenge and develop plans for their school clubs moving forward.  High school students will divide into groups before making presentations to middle school students addressing to key questions:

  • What did I wish I knew when I was in middle school?
  • How did I stop being a bystander?
Youth Resource Fair The Youth Resource Fair is a free event that will provide parents and youth with information on programs and services for youth ages 5-21 in Frederick County.  Programs and services to be highlighted include: afterschool programs, child and family services, dropout prevention, educational programs, hotlines and crisis, job assistance, mental health, mentoring programs, school assistance, sports and recreation, substance abuse, summer camps, volunteer opportunities, etc. $385
Frederick Keys Game/Anti-Bullying Event

 Anti-bullying will be emphasized during the pre-game at an upcoming Frederick Keys game.  This will include:

  • Inclusion in media promoting game (print, website, Keys’ newsletter, radio broadcast);
  • Banner at the front gate;
  • Honorary first pitch;
  • Pre-game student recognition, with students able to parade around the field with their club banners and circle the field with their chain reaction projects;
  • Marketing booth on concourse during the game where coalition will present information to fans;
  • 2 (:20) public addresses over the PA system in game.
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Training (PBIS)

In an effort to sustain positive academic and behavioral success, Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) endeavors to provide ongoing training and sharing of best practices.  FCPS will convene members of Positive Behavior and Support Teams from our schools to focus on:

  • Data analysis for decision-making;
  • The importance of a culturally responsive academic environment;
  • The implications of adolescent brain development;
  • The principal’s role in positive behavior and academic support;
  • Evidence-based practices of effective classroom management;
  • Building staff commitment, consistency, and sustainability in creating a positive academic and behavioral school culture.


Garrett County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
What Would You Do?  The Garrett County Local Management Board will bring in educational facilitators from “Rachel’s Challenge” to an assembly at each of Garrett County’s high schools followed by a community event open to both students and parents.  These events will allow the high schools to enhance their safe and supportive learning environments and address bullying. $10,000


Harford County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support This funding will go towards the expansion of PBIS to three new schools in Harford County, as well as to maintain the quality in the 13 existing programs. $6,000
At-Promise Academy The At-Promise Academy is a conference event for over 100 female middle and high school students from across Harford County.  The event will provide anti-bullying strategies and interactive workshops for attendees. $4,000


Family and Community Partnerships of Kent County

Project Summary Amount
Challenge Day – Be the Change 2015 Challenge Day is a one day event that will bring together 100 students and 25 community members  to develop leadership and social and emotional skills in students. $4,300
Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program is a community-based outreach program of Light for Life Foundation International.  Yellow Ribbon offers a program that teaches about the internal nature of depression and loneliness, and two school staff will be trained through the program. $700
Second Step/Steps to Respect Second Step is a classroom-based social skills program for children ages 4-14. The program teaches socio-emotional skills aimed at reducing impulsive and aggressive behavior while increasing social competence.  Through this grant, Kent County Public Schools will make a one time only purchase of this curriculum. $5,000


Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families

Project Summary Amount
County-wide Anti-Bullying PSA The Collaboration Council will partner with the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights and the Montgomery County Committee on Hate Violence to develop a county-wide awareness PSA to be run at two of the largest movie theaters in Montgomery County.  The 30 second ad would run for 6-8 weeks before every movie screened at both theaters. $10,000


Prince George’s County Commission for Children, Youth & Families

Project Summary Amount
Should Could Dream Tour The Should Could Dream Tour is a motivational and inspirational stage production.  The show addresses issues faced by our youth and teaches them important techniques to overcome the issues and succeed in school.  The show will be put on at five high schools, two middle schools, and the MNCPPC Youth Summit. $10,000


Queen Anne’s County Community Partnerships for Children and Families

Project Summary Amount
Queen Anne’s County Unity Day Unity Day is a county-wide event that brings a strong, consistent, evidence-based anti-bullying message to all schools in Queen Anne’s County.  Anti-bullying t-shirts will be provided to all staff and students, and there will be events at each of the county schools.  In addition, there will be follow-up throughout the year through the Olweus evidenced-based bullying-prevention curriculum. $10,000


St. Mary’s County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Teaching Social Skills Funding will go to support the expansion of three social skills instruction programs: Steps to Respect, Skillstreaming, and Check In Check Out.  Steps to Respect, which provides skill and literature-based lessons to elementary school students over 12 weeks, will be expanded to 4 new schools.  Skillstreaming and Check In Check Out would be expanded at the middle and high school levels. $10,000


Somerset County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Anti-Bullying Program by Mitchell’s Martial Arts The program will complement existing Positive Action and Too Good for Violence at two afterschool sites and will target students in grades 3-8.  The program will include strategies to recognize and address bullying and then ask students to create their own anti-bullying campaigns. $1,000
Bowl Away Bullying This event will be the culmination of anti-bullying activities for students in the afterschool programs, and students will receive prizes and incentives to encourage thoughtfulness in their anti-bullying campaigns. $2,800
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)  Three officers from the Crisfield Police Department will provide a bullying awareness and training program for SADD members at the Crisfield Academy and High School.  Students will then create their own anti-bullying campaign. $2,000
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Two officers from the Princess Anne Police Department will supplement DARE by providing bullying awareness programs at two area elementary schools. $2,000
Community-wide Outreach Event Will host a joint event with Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol to target the prevention of a number of negative behaviors.  The event will feature a fishing derby hosted by Natural Resources Police and a number of student presentations of anti-bullying information. $2,200


Talbot Family Network

Project Summary Amount
One-Time School Climate Grants One-time grant funding will be made available to each of the secondary schools in Talbot County to support evidence-based practices already in place. $10,000


Washington County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Washington County Kindness Campaign  Washington County will be using multiple strategies to improve school climate.  The first will be a Rachel’s Challenge event at Northern Middle School,  where students will be introduced to “Friends of Rachel” and encouraged to plan and carry out acts of kindness initiatives throughout the school year.  In addition, Washington County will bring the Second Step curriculum into three middle schools and one elementary school. $10,000


Worcester County Local Management Board

Project Summary Amount
Health Education Classes Worcester County will purchase instructional and curricular materials for seventh and eighth grade health classes.  This will include Developmental Asset and Igniting Sparks materials for seventh and eighth graders and the Great Body Shop Curriculum for nine weeks of eighth grade instruction.  This will include information on social and emotional health, conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, and other topics. $10,000


Check back often! This chart will be updated frequently as proposals are approved.