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Rate Setting Reform Element Workgroups

Element 1: Model Development
Lead(s) Shanda Crowder & Anita Wilkins
Goal: To review existing best practices in rate setting systems in order to develop a recommendation for a Maryland Rate Setting Model.
Element 2: Methodology Elements
Lead(s): Darlene Ham, Ertha Sterling-Garrett & Caroline Jones
Goal: To determine the essential components of the rate methodology based on current practice and model recommendation. This group may decide to breakout into smaller groups to best complete the assigned tasks.
Element 3: Rate Structure
Lead(s): Dan Feller & Tennille Thomas
Goal: To design a rate setting structure that is based on the approved model design and incorporates the standardized components from the methodology elements. Included in this process should be the costs structure for the elements.
Element 4: Statutory Review
Goal: To review and revise, as necessary, the statute(s) governing the Interagency Rates setting process and Committee. If the statute needs to be revised, it will go to the FY15 legislative session for approval. It is the hope of the workgroup that the statute will not have to be changed as this would delay some of the work. The Maryland State Department of Education will remain the home of the Interagency Rates Committee.
Element 5: Regulatory Review
Lead(s): Patricia E. Arriaza
Goal: To review and revise existing regulations to align with the approved model and rate structure based on elements 1-3.
Element 6: Implementation Planning
Lead(s): Interagency Rates Committee
Goal: To develop a detailed plan for the implementation of the new rate setting system. This should include the development of implementation timeline, policy guidance, budget submission requirements, and provider training.
Element 7: Implementation
Lead(s): Interagency Rates Committee
Goal: Implement the new rate setting process which will include: training, new budget submission, and issuance of new rates.

Element Materials

Element workgroup updates and relevant materials will be listed on the Rate Setting Reform Materials page.