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Residential Child Care Program Trainings

Board of Director’s Training

COMAR requires that the Board of Directors for Residential Child Care Programs (RCCPs) receive training approved by the Governor’s Office for Children (GOC) prior to service and every 2 years thereafter.

RCCPs have two options for meeting this training requirement:

  1. Implement one of the State-approved commercial trainings; or
  2. Submit organization specific training materials for independent site approval by GOC.

If you are interested in submitting training materials for either commercial or independent site approval in accordance with COMAR please review the Board of Directors Training Protocol and self-assessment checklist. You are required to complete the self-assessment and submit a complete copy of the training curriculum. The curriculum should include an outline of content and a description of how training will occur. Please submit all application materials to Patricia E. Arriaza, Chief, Interagency Initiatives.



Behavioral Interventions, Strategies, & Support Training

COMAR requires each RCCP to provide training to program personnel on behavioral interventions, strategies, and supports and the appropriate implementation of policies and procedures developed in accordance with this regulation. Each RCCP shall identify program personnel authorized to serve as a program wide resource to:

  • assist with training on de-escalation techniques; and
  • ensure proper administration of time out and restraint.

Each RCCP is required to implement State-approved trainings in order to meet the requirements of COMAR The training must include:

  • positive behavior interventions strategies and supports;
  • functional behavior assessment and behavior treatment planning;
  • time out; and
  • restraint.

If you are interested in applying to become a State-approved vendor for behavioral interventions, strategies, and supports in accordance with COMAR please review the protocol and application for submission requirements. Applications are reviewed quarterly; all applications must be received prior to the submission deadline listed below in order to be reviewed during the corresponding quarterly review session. Please submit all application materials to Patricia E. Arriaza, Chief, Interagency Initiatives.

Submission Due Date Quarterly Review Date
December 15 January Panel Review
March 15 April Panel Review
June 15 July Panel Review
September 15 October Panel Review