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Results Scorecard – Queen Anne’s County

Community Partnerships for Children and Families

Queen Anne's CountyCommunity Partnerships for Children and Families is Queen Anne’s County’s Local Management Board and a division of the Queen Anne’s County Department of Community Services. Members of the Local Management Board are appointed by the County Commissioners and serve as the main entity within the jurisdiction to ensure that families have the services they need. This Partnership serves as the primary structure for the County to develop and maintain an effective and efficient system of services for children, adolescents and families. Emphasis is placed on prevention, early intervention and community-based services. Priority is given to children and families most at-risk. The Partnership primarily plans, coordinates, monitors and evaluates in order to expand capacity.

All programs operated in FY20 unless otherwise noted.

Queen Anne’s County Results for Child Well-Being

Prioritized Results and Programs

Children are Successful in School

Youth Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness

Communities are Safe for Children, Youth and Families

Youth Will Complete School

Local Care Team Administration

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