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Press Release, September 28, 2016


News from: Governor’s Office for Children

For immediate release:
September 28, 2016

Erin Montgomery

Governor’s Office for Children Introduces New Child Well-Being Scorecards
Scorecards Represent a New Level of Transparency and Accountability

ANNAPOLIS, MD — The Governor’s Office for Children today introduced new Child Well-Being Scorecards, to ensure greater transparency, accountability, and improved evaluation of child- and family-serving programs across the state. This new tool is part of the Hogan administration’s statewide effort to improve services, use tax dollars responsibly, and achieve better results for Maryland citizens, especially children.

Through the ScorecardTM software program developed by Clear Impact, LLC, the Governor’s Office for Children’s website will now display data, descriptions, and performance measures for all programs funded through the Local Management Board (LMB) in each of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. The 24 LMBs partner with the Governor’s Office for Children to bring together resources at the local level to strengthen services for children, youth, and families.

“We have a longstanding commitment to using data and research for decision-making, and focusing on results,” said Arlene Lee, executive director of the Governor’s Office for Children. “The new digital Maryland Child Well-Being Scorecards will allow citizens to understand programs operating in their communities. Even more importantly, we hope that the Scorecards will build consensus and mobilize communities to join in the work of the Local Management Boards and the Children’s Cabinet to achieve measurable improvements in the lives of Maryland’s children, youth, and families.”

For more than 15 years, Maryland’s Eight Results for Child Well-Being have articulated the outcomes the Children’s Cabinet, Local Management Boards, and the Office work to achieve. Published annually, this data has been used to determine whether the strategies by the Local Management Boards and the Children’s Cabinet are making a difference in the lives of Maryland’s families. Now that data will be available online.

Maryland’s Child Well-being Results are: 1) Babies Born Healthy, 2) Healthy Children, 3) Children Enter School Ready to Learn, 4) Children Are Successful in School, 5) Youth Will Complete School, 6) Youth Have Opportunities for Employment and Career Readiness, 7) Communities Are Safe for Children, Youth, And Families, and 8) Families Are Safe and Economically Stable. Progress is measured by the 28 corresponding indicators.

Over the next few months, the Governor’s Office for Children will continue to roll out new features, including a fully interactive Maryland Results for Child Well-Being in early 2017.

Click here to access all 24 Scorecards. For tips on navigating the Scorecard, click here.

About the Governor’s Office for Children  

The Governor’s Office for Children works with state agencies and Local Management Boards to promote a stable, safe, and healthy environment for Maryland’s children, youth, and families.