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Press Release, March 23, 2016


News from: Governor’s Office for Children

For immediate release:
March 23, 2016

Erin Montgomery

Ice Cream Social Brings Together Governor’s Staff, Lawmakers,
Youth Leaders, and Local Management Boards

Event Sponsored by the Governor’s Office for Children


ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Governor’s Office for Children today hosted an ice cream social for governor’s staff, the Children’s Cabinet, state legislators, youth leaders, and members of Maryland’s Local Management Boards in the Lowe House Office Building.

“Today’s event provided a unique opportunity for those of us in the governor’s office and our legislators to get to know the members of our Local Management Boards, the foot-soldiers in our communities who are doing the hard work at the local level to strengthen important services for children and families,” said Arlene Lee, executive director of the Governor’s Office for Children.

Local Management Boards bring together resources at the local level and use them in innovative ways to create, expand, or enhance critical community services. There is a Local Management Board in each of Maryland’s 23 counties and in Baltimore City, all of which partner with the Governor’s Office for Children to promote programs to achieve Maryland’s Child Well-Being Results, which include: children enter school ready to learn and succeed, youth have opportunities for employment or career readiness, and families are economically stable.

Members of the Maryland Youth Advisory Council, supported by the Governor’s Office for Children, were also present at the ice cream social. Members of the Council, who are between the ages of 14 and 22, have the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations to the Children’s Cabinet, the legislature, and the governor regarding public policies and programs that affect their future. The Council participated in a full day of events in Annapolis today, including visiting their representatives in the House of Delegates and Senate, and sitting in on floor proceedings.

The Council also provided testimony in support of House Bill 87, “Montgomery County Board of Education – Student Member – Voting,” which would enable the student member of the Montgomery County Board of Education to vote on certain matters.


About the Governor’s Office for Children

The Governor’s Office for Children works with State agencies and Local Management Boards to promote a stable, safe, and healthy environment for Maryland’s children, youth, and families.