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Office of Education Accountability

The purpose of the Office of Education Accountability is to field and investigate comments, concerns, and allegations from the public regarding Maryland schools.

This office offers an anonymous tipline for anyone to report non-emergency, education-based issues in Maryland. Please report concerns about bullying, abuse, harassment, school and community violence, drug activity, or mental health crises to the Safe Schools Maryland Tip Line,, which is an anonymous system for reporting threats to the safety and/or well-being of students.

Your responses to the Office of Accountability Tipline are completely anonymous. Responses to this survey cannot be traced back to the respondent. No personal or identifiable information is captured unless you voluntarily offer personal or contact information below as a means for us to reply to your comment. Additionally, your responses are combined with many others and summarized into a report to further protect your anonymity.

All are welcome to make anonymous reports to the Office of Accountability. Please note that records relating to these reports may be subject to disclosure under the Public Information Act or other applicable law.

If you are a public school employee, your report may waive certain whistleblower protections provided by applicable law and regulations, including the Public School Employee Whistleblower Protection Act.


Office of Education Accountability
Barbara Krupiarz, Acting Director, 410-697-9247

To submit an anonymous electronic tip to report violations, go to: