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LMB Updates

This page features regular updates from Maryland’s Local Management Boards (LMBs).  LMBs are encouraged to complete this form to help us tell your story.

Carroll County Receives 2014 National Association of Counties Achievement Award 

In Carroll County, partners have been working collaboratively to provide mental health and family support  services to young children.  In researching models and supports, Carroll County chose to adopt Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  An empirically supported treatment for children ages 2-7 and their parents, it has been identified as a best practice for abusive parents and for families and children with prenatal substance exposure.

Developed by Sheila Eyberg at the University of Florida, PCIT integrates concepts from social learning theory, traditional play therapy, and attachment theory to enhance the parent-child relationship, increase children’s pro-social behaviors, and increase parents’ behavior management skills.  Through a two phase process, PCIT helps parents develop child-centered interaction skills and improve behavior management.  Each year, the Carroll County Youth Service Bureau serves roughly 30 parent-child dyads through PCIT with the goal of allowing young children to remain in their homes safely or to have a smooth transition from foster care to home.

In recognition of the successful implementation of PCIT, Carroll County was named the recipient of the 2014 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Award.  The award recognized innovative programming and community collaboration, and included:  Carroll County Local Management Board for Children, Youth and Families; Carroll County Youth Service Bureau; Human Services Programs Family Center; and Carroll County Department of Social Services.