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Introducing a New Level of Transparency

Brian Alexander, Senior Policy Analyst

At the Governor’s Office for Children (the Office), we have a longstanding commitment to both data collection and data-driven decision making. For more than 15 years, the Office has produced the annual Maryland’s Results for Child Well-Being report, a look at dozens of data points that impact the health and wellness of children and families across the state accompanied by a discussion of how State agencies are working to ensure all of those metrics are heading in the right direction.

Continuing with that commitment, and given the Office’s growing focus on government accountability and customer service, we are particularly excited to announce the availability of Maryland’s Child Well-Being Scorecards. In addition to sharing State-level data through the Results for Child Well-Being report, beginning today, our website will display data and descriptions for programs funded by the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund at each of Maryland’s Local Management Boards.

Through the use of Clear Impact’s ScorecardTM, a performance management and reporting software, we hope that the Maryland Child Well-Being Scorecards will not only allow stakeholders and Maryland citizens to view and understand programs operating in their communities, but also serve as an introduction to the life-changing work the Children’s Cabinet agencies and Local Management Boards are undertaking for children and families across the State.

Over the next few months, we will continue to roll out new features, including a fully interactive Maryland Results for Child Well-Being in early 2017. In the interim, we hope you take this opportunity to explore the work of your Local Management Board and its impact in your community.

Click here to access all of our Scorecards. For tips on navigating the Scorecard, click here.


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