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Local Care Team Resources

Interagency Case Management

Locally Coordinated Interagency Case Management

The Children’s Cabinet is committed to strengthening the system of care for children and youth at the local level through a coordinated approach to interagency case management. The goal of this coordinated approach is to return or divert children and youth from preventable out-of-home, out-of-State, and hospital and other overstay placements through the provision of community-based services.

Local Care Teams serve as the point of access to services for children and youth. As of January 1, 2018, the Local Management Boards are the administrative home for the Local Care Teams. Parents, family members or agencies will be able to make referrals directly to the Local Care Teams through the Local Management Board to seek assistance with accessing services, to develop plans of care for community-based services and to coordinate services from multiple agencies. Families and children at risk of out-of-home or out-of-State placement, with complex needs and/or who are in crisis are identified as priorities for the Local Care Teams.

Interagency Placement Committee

Effective January 1, 2018, Maryland’s Children’s Cabinet has established the Interagency Placement Committee to serve as the State Coordinating Council. The Council was established in the 1980s to promote interagency collaboration and development of quality educational, treatment, and residential services in Maryland, so that children with intensive needs could be served in the least restrictive setting appropriate to their individual needs.

The Interagency Placement Committee is charged with:

  • Reviewing recommendations for out-of-State placements;
  • Coordinating the monitoring of out-of-State placements;
  • Providing training to the Local Care Teams; and,
  • Identifying in-State placement needs.

Interagency Placement Committee Membership Directory – Local Care Teams and/or individual Local Care Team members in need of agency-specific technical assistance may contact Interagency Placement Committee members directly.


Local Care Team Directory (online) or download PDF here.

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