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On June 9, 2005, an Executive Order was announced creating the new Governor’s Office for Children (GOC) and the new Children’s Cabinet.  Since the inception of the office, GOC has worked to:

  • Inform and support the collective and specific work of the Children’s Cabinet;
  • Promote values, policies and practices that continually advance the well-being of Maryland’s children and families;
  • Partner with LMBs to plan, coordinate and monitor the delivery of integrated services along the full continuum of care, and oversee the use of Children’s Cabinet interagency fund in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Children’s Cabinet; and
  • Assist the Children’s Cabinet in the allocation of funds assigned to the Children’s Cabinet for distribution as grants to any state agency, local government or organization, LMC or private organization.

Today, GOC coordinates child and family-oriented care within the State’s Child-Serving Agencies by emphasizing prevention, early intervention and community-based services for all children and families. The office leads the development of a three-year plan establishing goals and strategies for delivery of integrated services to children and families. GOC will work to promote the well-being of children by collaborating with Local Management Boards, expanding SCYFIS (State Children, Youth and Families Information System), and developing and implementing Integrated Systems of Care.