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Results Scorecard – Garrett County

Garrett County Local Management Board

Garrett County’s Local Management Board (GCLMB) was created in 1997. Local Management Boards are the neutral conveners in each jurisdiction to stimulate local action by State and Local Government; public and private providers; business and industry and community residents. This cohesive approach leads to efforts to plan, coordinate, implement, and manage an effective system of services, supports and opportunities that improve outcomes for children, youth and families.

The Garrett County Local Management Board coordinates a system of prevention and early intervention services that focus on improving child and family outcomes. Our Local Management Board has made early child development and school readiness a top priority for over 15 years. We strive to incorporate promising and evidenced based strategies into the prevention and early intervention services prioritized by the Local Management Board.

All programs operated in FY20 unless otherwise noted.

Garrett County Results for Child Well-Being

Prioritized Results and Programs

Babies Born Healthy

Children Enter School Ready to Learn

Children are Successful in School

Families are Safe and Economically Stable

Youth Will Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness

Local Care Team Administration