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Care Management Entity

A Statewide Care Management Entity was implemented in November 2009 to serve children and youth with intensive mental health needs. These children and youth were primarily involved with the Department of Human Services and the Department of Juvenile Services, including those eligible for the 1915(c) Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Waiver.

As part of the sustainability plan for the 1915(c) Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Waiver and health care reform in Maryland, the Department of Health successfully amended the Maryland Medicaid State Plan to allow for youth who met certain eligibility and financial criteria to be served by regional Care Coordination Organizations through Targeted Case Management, a similar service delivery model to the Care Management Entity.

In October 2015, in line with Governor Hogan’s charge to streamline government without reducing services to Maryland’s citizens, the Children’s Cabinet transferred administration of the Care Management Entity from the Governor’s Office for Children to the Department of Health. This transition was part of a larger effort to integrate the Targeted Case Management and Care Management Entity systems to more effectively serve families and streamline the administration and enrollment process.

If you are interested in referring a child to Targeted Case Management, please review the procedure for TCM Referrals.


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