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Results Scorecard – Cecil County

Cecil Human Services Agency

Cecil CountyThe Cecil Human Services Agency, an instrumentality of County government, is Cecil County’s designated Local Management Board (LMB), and rests under the Division of Community Partnerships within the Cecil County Department of Community Services.  As such, the Department of Community Services, through the Local Management Board, secures funding from the Children’s Cabinet and other sources to identify priorities and target resources for the community.  The LMB serves as the coordinator of collaboration for child and family services.  It brings together local child-serving agencies, children and families, educators, health care providers, public safety organizations and other community partners to plan, coordinate, develop and monitor services to children, youth and families.

All programs operated in FY20 unless otherwise noted.

Cecil County Results for Child Well-Being

Prioritized Results and Programs

Communities are Safe for Children, Youth and Families

Youth Have Opportunities for Employment or Career Readiness

Local Care Team Administration