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Results Scorecard – Caroline County

Caroline Human Services Council, Inc.

Caroline CountyThe Caroline Human Services Council, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1998 after the dissolution of a regional Local Management Board.  Membership on the Human Services Council consists representatives from the public and private sector.  Public members and private community members that round out the Board membership include representatives from the YMCA, the County Commissioners Office, Recreation & Parks, Chamber of Commerce, Parole & Probation, a minister, two retired teachers, a mother of a youth with special needs, community members and two youth from each of the two high schools in the County. The Human Services Council works to ensure the implementation of a local interagency service delivery system for children, youth and families. This interagency service system provides a continuum of care that is family and child oriented, emphasizes prevention, early intervention and community based-services, and gives priority to children and families most at risk.

All programs operated in FY20 unless otherwise noted.

Caroline County Results for Child Well-Being

Prioritized Results and Programs

Families are Safe and Economically Stable

Communities are Safe for Children, Youth and Families

Local Care Team Administration