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Single Point of Entry

Are you looking for more information about opening a residential child care facility in Maryland?  Please note that the process has changed.  The Governor’s Office for Children no longer accepts applications for consideration.

For basic information:

Those interested in opening a residential child care facility should view the brief presentation below, which covers:

  • The basic process of seeking a license, rate, and contract from the State
  • Basic expectations of new applicants
  • The decreasing need for new providers and how to determine need for your program
  • Which COMAR sections may relate to your program and where to access them
  • Other useful resources as you begin the process



What types of programs are being licensed?

The Departments of Human Resources and Juvenile Services will only license a new program if they have issued a Statement of Need.  Currently Human Resources and Juvenile Services have not issued a Statement of Need in some time.  When and if these agencies issue a Statement of Need, it will be published in the Maryland Register.

Only the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, via the Office of Health Care Quality, is currently licensing new programs.  The only new programs being licensed right now are:

  • Therapeutic Group Homes
  • Alternative Living Units
  • Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled

For more information on these programs, their requirements, and the needs of children placed in them, please watch the brief presentation linked above.

Contact information for licensing agencies:

Office of Healthcare Quality
Xiaoli Wen

Developmental Disabilities Administration
Janet Furman
410- 767-5929

Department of Juvenile Services (not currently licensing)
Sonya White-Norman

Department of Human Resources (not currently licensing)
Darlene Ham, MSW