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About the 2013 Report

The 2013 Results for Child Well-Being report marks the latest edition in one of the longest-running State child outcomes reports in the nation.  A longstanding history of outcomes measurement is reflected in the comprehensiveness of this report, but over the years, Maryland’s Results for Child Well-Being has evolved to provide analysis on emerging trends in child well-being as well as the changing landscape of childhood.  Maryland continues its focus on evaluating children’s outcomes and using that information to improve the efforts of State agencies and local partners.

The goal of children’s services in Maryland is for all children to live fulfilled and successful lives.  This overarching, holistic goal can be achieved by helping children and youth grow up healthy, well-educated, and in safe and stable family and community environments.  Maryland agencies use a Results Accountability framework to measure the State’s progress in realizing these results using measurable proxies for success called “indicators,” which fall under the three overarching themes of health, education, and community life.

In an effort to improve the link between the Results for Child Well-Being report and the many other child-focused reports produced by Maryland State agencies each year, we have created a set of companion pages on our website.  Throughout this section, you will find links not only to source information but also to additional reports on each of the indicators.  It is our hope that this year’s report will serve as a hub of information on child well-being in Maryland and better connect you to the resources you are looking for.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  • Maryland’s Results for Child Well-Being 2013 – Executive Summary
Health Summary Chart
Education Summary Chart
Community Summary Chart